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The work of our Organization is aimed at targeted information in the form of quantified data from the crowd, sponsors and patrons, as well as providing quality, tested information from real life experience. We also have a vision to provide a world first tool used for autoimmune diseases, which can be used for direct mapping, quantification and predisposition for treatment.
Allowing you to live autoimmune free, and a healthy and happy life.


Crowdheal Limited is a Not for Profit Charity registered with the ACNC

ABN: 94605320456
ACN: 605320456
ACNC registration as a charity from 1/8/2015.


Our charity organization provides humanitarian assistance within various charitable programs.


Our charity organization strives to provide relevant, timley data from a trusted source. From suffers like you.

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Knowledge is power! We plan to give you the knowledge in any format, so you can make informed decisions.


Our charity thrives on volunteers and donations. Without your input we are nothing. If you have a will, there is always a way.

Charity established 2014
We have assisted
people in 23 countries.

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The more people that are aware of Crowdheal, the more knowledge we can share from a global audience. Crowdheal is a Not For Profit organisation that has been setup to share global wisdom, to be healthier to live a full healthy life. Share this site today.
Its not until you lose your health that you realize how important it is. Ask any person that is suffering today what they would do differently, they would say they would have learnt how to avoid the situation they are in. Dont leave it too late, start learning about your health today.
Education lasts a lifetime, and what you learn can be passed on to someone else. The indigenous aboriginal tribes of Australia have inhabited Australia for 65,000 years. They use traditional methods of medicine that have helped them to stay healthy and be the longest living culture in the world. Let them educate us, and let us educate the world!
We cannot grow unless you help us to grow, by donating funds or submitting information about better health, we can all grow together. Crowdheal is a global community of people that love life and want to share in the wealth of knowledge to life happy and healthy. Help us grow by donating your knowledge or money

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50+ qualified remedies

We all start somewhere, and this is our begining

Over 100 Volunteers

We may be small, but from little things big things grow. Thanks to all of our devoted volunteers.

What is Crowdheal?Check out the video.

A New serviceUnlike anything you’ve ever seen.

We raise funds.

We raised funds from the global community,from donations which are 100% tax deductible.

We help others.

That money goes into education, workshops and development of tools to better manage your health.

Need some help?

As we are only young, we may not have all of the data you need to make an informed decision. Just drop us a note of what you need help with and we will do our best to find someone like you who has walk the same path your walking and recovered.