Share the love (and knowledge)

Sharing is caring as the saying goes.

Imagine you had one piece of information in your brain that another person could benefit from, you shared it on a platform like Crowdheal, and a person in need came across that information helping them to solve a puzzle.

It can be simple little things such as eating black garlic. Black garlic has plenty of antioxidants and amino acids, which are helpful to many people.

Or what about this one? Did you know that if you take Vitamin D to excess it can possibly be toxic! But if you get Vitamin D (for free) from the sun its not toxic, as the body creates vitamin D by itself after absorbing the UV rays. However as we all know that staying in the sun for too long could cause skin damage and put you at greater risk for developing a skin disorder or disease.

The whole point of Crowdheal is to offer information that has been collated by thousands of individuals, rather than you searching across 1 million websites to find a single persons or companies perspective, which may or may not be receiving kick backs from the sales of the product they are pushing.

So if you care to share, we are willing to accept in both knowledge and donations. More information on donating can be made here.

Crowdheal is a Not for Profit organisation. Crowdheal is a registered Charity with 100% Tax deductible with the Australian Charities & Not for profit Commission ABN: 94605320456 ACN: 05320456 ACNC registration as of 1/8/2015.