How You Can Start Giving Back Today

Not everyone is gifted with the luxury of growing up in a first world country, where the water and air is clean.
The internet has changed the world for many people living in all parts of the world, allowing for the connection between all different types of people and knowledge.

You dont have to spend money to help someone on the other side of the world, it can be your wisdom, the things that you learnt from your grandparents or friend or family. For example, if you ever have a sore tooth and cant get to the doctors, what do you do? you can take pain killers, or you can numb the tooth with a clove.
In fact clove oil used to be used in dentists for many years before Novocaine was invented. (see here for explanation)

If you have gastro, what can you do? Every friend of family will have their own input and advice they swear by.

So as you can see you can start giving back today by sharing your wealth of information, which can be used by individuals who cant get access to medicines, and only have natural or herbal remedies available.
In fact if you had a room full of 100 people and asked each person what to do when they had a cold, you would get a top ten list of things to do when you have a cold. some you may never have heard of, others you would agree with. What we cant do is assume that everyone has the same knowledge as each other, and that we ALL know what to do when we are sick.
Yes you can search on google, but it only shows you the pages which are highest ranked due to clickbots, or have paid to be in that position.

Crowdheal aims to offer crowd sourced knowledge from real people who have used or experienced the symptoms you are experiencing.
Imagine the wealth of information that we can capture from different parts of the world, the global knowledge we can share to learn how to be healthier and live longer.

That change starts with you, offering your help to someone else to allow them to learn from your wisdom.